Creating a Craveable Beef Jerky

After searching for the perfect beef jerky to eat on long road trips from Texas to Colorado, I started playing around with making my own. I finally created a mouth watering recipe that had my friends begging for more! Using top-of-the-line lean beef and secret spices, my Texas Outlaw Beef Jerky is delicious! Once you start eating it you can’t put it down. You too, will be begging for more!

—Kevin Willmeth

Texas Outlaw Beef Jerky
Delicious Texas Beef Jerky

The Perfect Outdoor Snack

There are a lot of options when it comes to beef jerky in Texas, but you will absolutely taste the difference when you try Texas Outlaw Beef Jerky. It’s great for road trips, sunny days on the lake, camping, the ball field, or ANYWHERE you need a delicious snack!

Highest Quality Lean Beef

Each cut of beef is hand-selected, then marinated in spicy, smokey goodness. Every bite is sure to be mind-blowing and nutritious. And of course, beef jerky is an excellent source of protein!

Your purchase helps support a local non-profit

Texas Outlaw Beef Jerky believes in involvement in the community, and giving a helping hand to those in need—especially children. That is why we donate 10% of every bag sold to Kids Armor of Hope, a non-profit agency in Granbury Texas that reaches out to abused and neglected children through mentoring services and free week-long summer camps. We believe this organization is a real beacon of hope to local kids.

Tasting is Believing

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I recently went on a road trip with my family, and brought along some Texas Outlaw Beef Jerky. The whole family loved it! The kids were even asking for more, which surprised us since they don't usually like spicy food. That just shows how delicious this beef jerky is!

Danielle V

I consider myself a Beef Jerky connoisseur. Im addicted to the stuff. Being a very picky person, I try all kinds of beef jerky to find the right one. Texas Outlaw Jerky is one of the best jerky I have ever tasted. I cant get enough of it, and I order it by the pound. I strongly recommend picking up a pound or two.

Jimmy D